Sneaking Ruby Through Google App Engine (and Other Strictly Python Places)

Very insightful post from why the lucky stiff about the challenges and successes he found when attempting to translate Ruby bytecode to Python bytecode. Money quote:

What amazes me is how close Ruby 1.9 bytecode and Python 2.5 bytecode are. Some things translate almost directly. It is completely obvious that Koichi took his cues from Python. Storing argcount, nlocals, stacksize first. Marshalling bytecodes. Storing classes and methods as nested bytecode fragments.

And, really, if that’s true (and I vouch that it is truly, truly true,) then how are Python and Ruby still on separate runtimes? All of these bogus scaling wars and indented code battles are a huge waste of time.


Neither of us stands a chance against Javascript. Why persist with this pitiful feud?

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